Lodio applies the latest mold design software Auto-CAD, Pro-E and U.G along with worldwide standard dimension DME, HASCO to insure the accurate design and speed up the lead-time. Other CAD/CAM files such as STEP, IGS, DXF, DWG are also welcomed, however, if customers use other software, we suggest save the Solid part as STEP file. In addition, we have developed auxiliary software - Auto-CAD Third Party to make up the insufficiency of the traditional software and guarantee the prompt delivery.

Unique auxiliary software - Auto-CAD Third Party offers a number of enhancements in improving mold design efficiency

Auto-CAD Third Party:Eliminating the gap in traditional CAD/CAM process while demanding the best of the world Auto-CAD Third Party to accelerate mold design delivery.
Automatic calculation in Mold base
By inputting the mold length and width, other dimension will automatically show up or use the engineering ruled DME, Japan-FUTABA 16 kinds of standard mold base to save energy. Later modify is allowed.
Automatic calculation and set up in mold standard parts.
With few clicks, all the mold standard parts: guide pin, guide bush, return pin, spring, auxiliary guide pin in ejector plate, corner pin, ejector pin, square ejector pin, ejector bush, tie bar, support rod, stop pin, locating ring, water channel and the connector will be set up with the appropriate sizing and also the part number.
Visualized and parameterized in marking dimension.
  • Metric and GB/US exchange
  • Add dimension marks.
  • Refresh dimension: unlimited eparate duplicate dimension.
  • Change proportion
  • Mark in detail: by enlarging square/round dynamic drawing.
  • Mark horizontal dimension automatically.
  • Mark vertical dimension automatically
Layer management
Equipped with complete and convenient functions to file, display, modify, translate, read, and set up with your geometry drawings in Auto-Mold software.
Edit Chinese and English characters dictionary
Integrated with BOM edition enable users note and mark the drawings easily. The convenient Chinese characterize version help mold shop both in Taiwan and China region browse the drawing more easily.
The mighty and multi-function command

The original CAD/CAM drawing command has been strengthened on its modification and series connections.

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