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Prompt Intel product delivery

Lodio received the order in 1999. Intel requested the delivery within 35 days but we finished the design and mold in 18 days.

Four-side Slide Monitor peripheral
These products are so big that the injection speed, temperature control, ejection pins and most importantly, the avoidance of any cracks during mold opening to insure the perfect quality have to be carefully considered. Our designers and engineers accomplished the best program as they did routinely.

Efficient 6 cavities moldplate.
One of our customers required high efficiency mold to produce one-time-use plastic cups. The molds the customer had were 2 sets of 8-cav. 3-plated molds. The production was 32pcs/min/2molds with 2 cycles/min and two labors were required. The customer requested one mold with 6 cavities and no runner left. To meet the high efficiency productivity, we applied the hot runner system and accomplished 54pcs/min/1 mold with 9 cycles/min but it only took one labor.

What did we have to consider and what did our customers earn?
We use
* Hot runner system: no runners left and save lots of material. That means - money saved!

We consider
* The mold temperature control : The hot manifold and hot tip must be equipped with excellent heat conductivity and control system. Porcelain is used to insulate from heat loss.
* The mold base : The cooling system to maintain processing temperature, mold hardness, resistance and the lifetime has been specially emphasized for the mold during the high speed operation.

The result
* No runners left
* High efficiency ( 2 times productivity than usual )
* Lower costs - both in labors and materials

"Experienced and skillful to use heat lock hot-runner system."
President Hear lock in Sweden

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