A successful mold is based on excellent mold design. With excellent mold design, the goal is achieved by 80% already. The most desirable in Taiwan molding industry is

a professional and efficient mold design department.

Lodio is established according to its outstanding mold design capabilities. Now Lodio is not only a professional mold design company but also a precise mold manufacturer. By accumulating years of experience and thousands of mold designs and fabrications, Lodio integrates reality and theories with the CAE technology and applies them to the mold design and manufacture, especially to the plastic injection molds. With wealth of technical experience, we are proud to announce that Lodio is superior to any other molding shops in the molding industry.

Sheet Metal Die
Lodio received one case in 1993 from The Defense Department, which requested special materials and production for their military weapon- TANK. The die was so big that it has to be self-equipped with a mechanical ejection function and other functions similar to those designs in a mold machine. At the time it was finished without similar die sampling in Taiwan. It was tested in buyers' country, and succeeded at the very first time. The perfect design proved that Taiwan has the abilities to design SHEET METAL DIE and above all Lodio Ent. Co., Ltd is the best.

Technical Background

When Tony Lin, the president of Lodio Ent. Co., Ltd., was an instructor for experienced (at least 5 years) plastic injection mold designers at Tai-Sun Professional Training Center, Tony collected all the mold design information from those students, and was given offers by many mold manufactories as a consultant. Based on those instructing experience and relationship with those excellent mold factories, Tony successfully accomplished lots of tasks of plastic injection mold designs and funded Lodio Ent. Co., Ltd. into a globally competitive company.

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