With abundant molding experience in making thousands of molds for many years,
Lodio is dedicated to apply the high technology mold analysis (CAE) to practical mold design and manufacture.
Integrated with the technology of high polymer flow and polymer processing theory, traditional mold fabrication and injection theory, plus the prompt improvement of computer calculation capability, Lodio successfully established the perfect environment in the computer-assist-analysis applications.
Under the request of our state-of-art customers or for the particular molds, computer-assist-analysis software, Mold flow check, or other software such as C-Mold, Moldflow and CAE-M is simulated before mold design is organized. This in-depth simulation predicts detail views into mold flow, stress, cooling processes: temperature, pressure, density, warpage, flow speed, welding line, air vent to determine the runner size, arrange the gate location, sprue way, one cavity or multiple cavities.
The best mold design and injection molding qualification
are achieved while save the energy also the unwanted human resources and maintain mold design timing and quality.
Meanwhile, Lodio is very delighted that customers could exchange the molding technology with us or offer the analysis as a reference before quotation thus our mold fabrication quality and efficiency will meet the competitive market.

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