Lodio specializes in plastic injection mold design and consists of several qualify-invest mold manufactories. We use self-developed software along with latest CAD/CAM technology to reduce any discrepancies that could occur on the customers' original design and to accelerate the mold deliveries.



Lodio is excellent at design and manufacture

  • Plastic injection molds
  • SMC / BMC Compression / Transfer molds
  • BMC Injection molds



Lodio's product

  • Automobile
  • Phone stand
  • Electronic stereos
  • Housing electronics shield
  • Computer component peripheral



Lodio's Special Events

  • Prompt Intel product delivery
    Lodio received the order in 1999. Intel requested the delivery within 35 days but we finished the design and mold in 18 days.
  • Difficult challenges from Defense Department
    Lodio received the case in 1993. The Defense department requested special materials and production for their military weapon - tank. It was a big challenge for a specialized plastic injection design and mold company. However, our team created the biggest accomplishment and fulfillment we ever had.



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