Lodio, established in 1989, was named as " Lodio CA

D/CAM/CAE industrial design center ". Lodio faced the revolutionary environment where most molding shops were lack of professional designers as well as computer design analysts and mold engineers, thus, in the beginning of professional mold design, product development and technical support were our main operations. Composed of a top-notch team of mold designers and construction engineers, our team could not only rapidly make improvement on the working field but also aim to offer consultation and to raise technology level of our customers. The environment made what we are today and with our tremendous hard-work and respect to the molding industry, we’ve gained customers’ reliance.


Lodio's main mission in this period was continually dedicated ourselves to mold designs. Equipped with state-of-the-art mold design technology, our customers assigned us to design and analyze extremely tough tasks. We have been taking full responsibility to accomplish every project perfectly. Therefore, we were highly praised and trusted by every one of our customers. Lodio has had an excellent reputation for our tooling capability, which earned us a spot in the mold design area.
In this period, we were engaged in prototype development and technical consultant. We guided our customers to develop the new products. From providing ideas and designs, and fabricating to product assembly and examination
, we’ve done it all. During the product development process, no matter it’s a simple or complicated product we could start from scratch, and successfully completed our tasks.


Lodio officially participated in the mold trading industry and renamed as Lodio Enterprise Co., Ltd. We consecutively invested two mold manufactures to pursue the

highest quality and prompt delivery. Integrated the spirit in the mold fabrication industry with Lodio's care and insistence, we always provide the best molds to our customers. Lodio believes that a qualified mold is based on a good mold design concept and the correct fabrication experience, which have been improved in our daily work. Lodio exerts the strength to manufacture top quality molds with its insistence and caution.

Lodio has been offering those excellent molds to its world leading customers. Based on those mold design experiences, we hope we could enter the sales field and be as successful as we are in the molding field.


Lodio continued to fabricate outstanding molds but most of them were productive projects assigned by world leading companies. In order to increase the productivity and immerge to various mold fabrications, we emphasized on efficiency improvement and self-capability enhancement. To achieve the goal, we not only expanded our contract factories but also carefully selected a few related mold manufactures and product assembly factories to join us as a Lodio molding team. Lodio turned out to be very capable and more competitive than any other molding companies in Taiwan. Thus, we could say Lodio molding staff is superior to anyone in the molding business in Taiwan.


Lodio started to cooperate with a USA branch company in Taiwan, mainly as a consultant of solving molding technical problems, a designer and a manufacturer of efficiency and high quality molds, Lodio has accomplished more than 400 stamping dies and plastic molds in a year with our invested and contract manufacturers in the end products of computer monitors, peripherals, and accessories. Also by cooperating with the Asia representative of the leading OEM company, Lodio conducted business related to the purchasing of plastic injection molds, die casting and stamping dies in Asia. Lodio not only ran operations as a molding consultant but also as the main mold supplier of the leading OEM company in Asia.


Lodio has been focused on thermosetting molds since 2001. In the past few years, we've bettered our skills in building BMC/SMC molds.  We are able to build molds that use different molding methods. So far, Lodio has made lots of BMC injection, BMC/SMC compression and transfer tools with a great variety of sizes.  We can proudly say that no other tooling shops in Taiwan have more experience and better skills than we do.    

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